Streum on Studio offers a competitive salary, full medical and dental benefits package and a great modern working environment. We are located near Paris.


  • Sound structure
    Our main goal is to turn our passion into our work, but not only that. We want to create a solid, reliable and durable structure.
  • Product quality
    Our company aims to create completely stable, optimised, finished products, ideally without bugs (bringing this percentage to a minimum) but also to create an enriching and pleasurable game experience to the player. Our main models in this domain are IdSoftware and Blizzard studios.
  • Enrichment
    It would be hypocritical to say that we didn’t work for money, this is in no way a taboo question for us. For Streum On Studio to earn its due is a primary goal that will allow the company’s development, the possibility to create more and better games, and to reap these benefits for all involved. The finance side of things, sales potential and commercial strategies are of capital importance to the team.
    Enrichment symbolises the double edged sword of our personal development, where each member of our team are passionate individuals, enriched not only by their work experience but also by the pure pleasure of game development.
  • Know-how
    Our team’s know-how is a point of honour for us, as is its constant improvement.
    Adaptation and incorporation of new knowledge, techniques, technologies and materials, as well as market materials are of the greatest importance to us.
  • Trust
    We would like all the professional relations with our partners (publishers, intermediary developers, outsources) to be based on trust and mutual respect.
    This is why keeping deadlines and promises made is a golden rule. An honest man does not forget his word.
  • Reputation
    In the long term we would like to be recognised as a quality studio by our consumers and as a viable and reliable company by our partners (publishers, distributors…).
    The Streum On Studio name should be automatically associated with the idea of “Good games” for former, and “Makes money” for the latter.
  • Development
    Our company tends towards growth and development of its activities, for example, a branch office, other development studios or, in the long term, an extension of our activities.